Akshaya Asokan

Akshaya Asokan

Senior Correspondent, ISMG

Asokan is a U.K.-based senior correspondent for Information Security Media Group's global news desk. She previously worked with IDG and other publications, reporting on developments in technology, minority rights and education.

Spotify Fined 5 Million Euros for GDPR Violations

Akshaya Asokan  •  June 13, 2023

Microsoft Revises Bing Cookie Policy in France

Akshaya Asokan  •  May 30, 2023

5 Years of GDPR: Criticism Outweighs Positive Impact

Akshaya Asokan , Anna Delaney  •  May 25, 2023

EU Committee Probes TikTok, UK's Updated GDPR

Akshaya Asokan  •  May 23, 2023

Facebook Ordered to Suspend Data Transfers to US From Europe

Akshaya Asokan  •  May 22, 2023

French Privacy Watchdog Pledges Additional AI Oversight

Akshaya Asokan  •  May 18, 2023

European Parliament Rejects EU-US Data Framework

Akshaya Asokan  •  May 11, 2023

UK Parliament Hears Assurances on GDPR Adequacy

Akshaya Asokan  •  May 10, 2023

Irish Civil Society Dogs Irish DPC With GDPR Criticism

Akshaya Asokan  •  May 3, 2023

European Scrutiny of ChatGPT Grows as Probes Increase

Akshaya Asokan  •  April 14, 2023

TikTok Fined in UK for Children's Privacy Violation

Akshaya Asokan  •  April 4, 2023

Italian Privacy Watchdog Imposes ChatGPT Ban

Akshaya Asokan  •  March 31, 2023

Facebook Opposes Irish Data Watchdog's 265-Million-Euro Fine

Akshaya Asokan  •  March 28, 2023

UK Reintroduces Bill Proposing Modifying Country's GDPR

Akshaya Asokan  •  March 8, 2023

Tesla Revises Camera Settings Following Privacy Concerns

Akshaya Asokan  •  February 24, 2023

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